Reference Pages


This appendix lists all reference pages related to ParaStation MPI administration tasks. For reference pages describing user related commands and information, refer to the ParaStation MPI User's Guide.

Table of Contents

parastation.conf — the ParaStation MPI configuration file
psiadmin — the ParaStation MPI administration and management tool
psid — the ParaStation MPI daemon. The organizer of the ParaStation MPI software architecture.
test_config — verify the ParaStation4 configuration file.
test_nodes — test physical connections within a cluster.
test_pse — test virtual connections within a cluster.
p4stat — display information about the p4sock protocol.
p4tcp — configure the ParaStation4 TCP bypass.
psaccounter — Write accounting information from the ParaStation MPI psid to the accounting files.
psaccview — Print ParaStation MPI accounting information.
mlisten — display multicast pings from the ParaStation MPI daemon psid(8)