test_nodes — test physical connections within a cluster.


test_nodes [-np num] [-cnt count] [-map] [-type]


Tests all or some physical (low level) connections within a cluster. Therefore the program is started on num nodes. After all processes came up correctly, each of them starts to send test packets to every other node of the cluster. For this purpose the PSP_IReceive(3) and PSP_ISend(3) calls of the ParaStation MPI PSPort library are used.

After every node has received data from any node (i.e. an all to all communication was executed), a success message is printed and test_nodes exits. Otherwise after a certain timeout a message concerning the current status about the tested connection is posted.

test_nodes will run as long as any connection between two tested nodes is unable to transport the test packets.


-np num

Run the testing program on num nodes.

-cnt num

Send num test packets at once instead of only one.


Don't print error messages but rather print a map with all working connections marked as 1 and all failed connections as 0.


Print the type of each connection used instead of packets send/received. Implies -map.

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