p4tcp — configure the ParaStation4 TCP bypass.


p4tcp [ -v ] [ -a ] [ -d ] [ -? ] [ from [ to ]]


p4tcp configures the ParaStation4 TCP bypass. Without an argument, the current configuration is printed.

From and to are IP addresses forming an address range for which the bypass feature should be activated. Multiple addresses or address ranges may be configured by using multiple p4tcp commands.


To enable the bypass for a pair of processes, the library located in the directory /opt/parastation/lib64 must be preloaded by both processes using:

  export LD_PRELOAD=/opt/parastation/lib64/

For parallel and serial tasks launched by ParaStation MPI, this environment variable is exported to all processes by default. Please refer to ps_environment(5).


-a, --add

Add an address or an address range to the list of redirected addresses. New TCP connections directed to a node within this address range may use the p4sock protocol for data transfer.

-d, --delete

Delete an address or address range from the list of redirected addresses. New TCP connections to this address(es) will no longer use the p4sock protocol.

-v, --version

Output version information and exit.

-?, --help

Show a help message.


Display a brief usage message.

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