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Release 1.0.1-2

September 2010

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This document provides detailed information about the ParaStation Healthchecker. Installation and configuration of the ParaStation Healthchecker as well as usage of the ParaStation Healthchecker commands are explained in-depth.

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Table of Contents

1. Preface
About this book
This book's audience
Healthchecker overview
2. Healthchecker description
3. Installing the Healthchecker
Installing the software package
4. Configuring the Healthchecker
General configuration
Configuring the test
Test set configuration
Alternate test configuration
Configuring actions
5. Running the Healthchecker
I. Reference Pages
healthcheck.confParaStation Healthchecker: global configuration file
pshealthcheck — ParaStation Healthchecker
pshcgetconf — ParaStation Healthchecker Configuration Reader
A. List of implemented checks
B. Extending the Healthchecker
Adding new tests
Adding new actions
Adding new test sets
C. How to determine a node's class
D. Sample action script
E. Including the Healthchecker in a resource management system
Using the Healthchecker within a job's prologue
Using the Healthchecker within a job's epilogue

List of Figures

3.1. Installing package
4.1. Example healthcheck.conf file
4.2. Example tests.conf file
4.3. Example testset.conf file
4.4. Example test script
5.1. Example pshealthcheck output
5.2. Example verbose pshealthcheck output
5.3. Example pshcgetconf output
5.4. Example pshcgetconf -l output
C.1. psconfig calling example
D.1. Example action script output
D.2. Sample pbsnodes output
D.3. Example test script
E.1. Sample prologue file
E.2. Sample epilogue file