Test set configuration

Each test set is defined by adding a subdirectory to ${HC_CONF_DIR}/testsets, which is typically /etc/parastation/healthcheck/testsets. The name of the subdirectory is equal to the test set name. Typical test sets are reboot, manual, prologue or epilogue. It's useful to name the test set after the role when it's run.

Within the test set's subdirectory, at least the file testset.conf is required. An empty testset.conf is supported.

The file testset.conf may have the following parameters:


Timeout for the entire testset in seconds. Defaults to 0, which means no timeout.


test set break condition. Default is never. Available conditions are never, which means always run all the tests of a test set, and first, which means break on first error.

Listing Figure 4.3, shows an example configuration file testset.conf:

  # timeout for the entire testset in seconds
  # break on first failure
  # TS_BREAK=first

Figure 4.3. Example testset.conf file

To add a test to a test set, append the test set name to the testsets entry of a particular test, see the section called “Configuring the test”, for details.