Appendix A. List of implemented checks

This appendix lists all currently implemented checks. For a detailed description of the tests, refer to the check script itself.

Table A.1. List of implemented checks

bios_date.shCheck BIOS date
bios_version.shCheck BIOS version
cpu_count.shCheck number of found cores
cpu_speed.shCheck CPU speed
cpu_type.shCheck CPU type
daemons.shCheck running daemons
disc_free.shCheck free disk space
disc_smart.shCheck disk's SMART state
hpl.shCheck HPL performance
infiniband_bandwidth.shCheck Infiniband bandwidth
infiniband_counters.shCheck Infiniband counters
infiniband_phy_state.shCheck Infiniband physical state
infiniband_speed.shCheck Infiniband link speed
infiniband_state.shCheck Infiniband state
ipmi.shCheck IPMI accessability
kernel.shCheck kernel version
ldap.shcheck LDAP availability
md5_sum.shCheck md5 sum of files
memory_free.shCheck free memory
memory_mcelog.shCheck MCE entries
memory_not_reclaimable.shCheck not reclaimable memory
memory_size.shCheck total memory size
memory_speed.shCheck memory speed
memory_stress.shCheck memory
mounts.shCheck mount points
nameserver.shCheck nameserver availablity
net_counters.shCheck network counters
net_ping.shCheck node reachability
net_ports_tcp.shCheck TCP ports
net_ports_udp.shCheck UDP ports
net_speed.shCheck network interface speed
pbs_note.shCheck for pbsnodes entries
pbs_prologue.shCheck for prologue/epilogue errors
process_cleanup.shCheck for job leftovers
psid_cpus.shCheck for # of CPUs in psid
psid.shCheck for psid
service.shCheck for missing services
software_versions.shCheck for various software versions
syslog_mce_errors.plCheck for MCE errors in logfile