A reusable execution unit doing a single kind of check. Checks are used in the Healthchecker configuration to specify tests.


Each test can be connected to one or more classes. The test is only executed on nodes that belong to one of its connected classes.

Compute Node

Server dedicated for computing tasks. Controlled and managed by a management node, aka frontend.

Golden Client

A node defined as a reference installation for a group of other nodes. The setup of this node is copied to other nodes using a one-to-one copy stored on an image server.

Master Node

The evaluation of temporary node lists while spawning new tasks is done only by one particular psid(8) within the cluster. The node running this daemon is called master node.

The master node is dynamically selected within the cluster and may change, if the current master node is no longer available. Election is based on the node IDs, refer to parastation.conf(5).


Message Passing Interface.

MPI Network

Dedicated network for MPI data.


Cluster Middleware including MPI libraries and advanced process management.


An execution unit including all needed configuration that returns one of the exit states 0 (SUCCESS), 1 (WARNING), or 2 (ERROR). In case of a warning or error a text string describing the problem can be returned.

Test set

A set of tests executed together (depending on connected classes) and returning the highest exit state of all included tests.