Alternate test configuration

Beside the previously described way to configure a test, there's an alternative for providing test scripts. A test script is a small script configuring and executing one particular test.


Test scripts are executed after the tests defined in the test configuration files. They are meant for easily creating specialized or temporary tests by just dropping in a file to the correct place.

The script has to be located in the directory /etc/parastation/healthcheck/testsets/testset/tests. The test parameters have to provided as comments, like:

  #classes cn:admin:node034
  #testname Ethernet_Test
  #timeout 10
  #killwait 2
  /opt/parastation/lib/checks/ethernet eth0 100

Figure 4.4. Example test script

The parameter testname names the test. For a definition of classes, timeout and killwait refer to the section called “Configuring the test”.