Chapter 8. GridMonitor GUI: Cluster pages

Table of Contents

GridMonitor GUI: Cluster overview page
GridMonitor GUI: Cluster physical view page
GridMonitor GUI: Cluster events page
GridMonitor GUI: ParaStation jobs page
GridMonitor GUI: Batch queuing system information

The cluster pages show different aspects of cluster-related information for a dedicated cluster system. The pages may be selected using the links within the Node Details navigation area.

GridMonitor GUI: Cluster overview page

The cluster overview page shows the overall state of a particular cluster. A brief information summary is displayed:

  • A summary of the current load of all nodes using a loadbar. See loadbar for details.

  • Details of the current node states. Shown as colored icons.

  • An overall load history diagram providing average and maximum load of all nodes.

  • A current node load diagram giving the actual load value of each cluster node. This diagram uses bar charts for small clusters and radar charts for larger systems.

  • An event list for the specified period of time.

  • A job list providing information about how many and which ParaStation jobs are currently executing.

The picture shown in Figure 8.1 is an example for a typical cluster overview page.

Cluster overview

Figure 8.1. Cluster overview


The example shows a cluster with four nodes marked as having pending events. However, the event list is empty. This is ok, as the events still pending on the nodes happened not within the timeframe selected for the event list.