Chapter 6. GridMonitor GUI: Navigation

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General hints
Topbar and left hand navigation area
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General hints

The Graphical User Interface (GridMonitor GUI) uses HTML pages, sent by a webserver upon request. To use the GridMonitor GUI, any graphical browser may be used. It is tested with recent versions of Mozilla, Firefox, Konqueror and Internet Explorer 6. The window size should be at least 640x480 pixels, all available window space will be used.

All navigation information is sent using URL parameters, e.g. …&view=node&node=node-01. Therefore, each page can be easily bookmarked for future references. No cookies are used!

As mentioned before, JavaScript is required for proper navigation with the GridMonitor. To automatically re-display a page without pressing the reload button of the browser, add the parameter &refresh=nn to the URL. This will send a redirect header with the current address to the browser, with a delay of nn secs. If redirection is enabled within the browser, the page will automatically be reloaded after this period of time. The timeout nn must be greater than 20 secs!


This works for all pages within the GridMonitor GUI. Be careful when refreshing pages showing a large amount of data within small intervals. Depending on the data type(s) and source, it will be reloaded by the collector, therefore, large amounts of data may be transfered each time the current page is refreshed.