Topbar and left hand navigation area

The left hand navigation area of each page allows you to navigate to different views of the current topic, e.g. showing the 'physical view' instead of the 'overview' of a cluster. In addition, links to sub-components are available, like cluster nodes within the cluster overview page.

Example left hand navigation area

Figure 6.1. Example left hand navigation area

The current navigation depth is shown in the top bar, therefore, going to the superior level is as easy as clicking to the respective entry. In addition, links to the online documentation (Documentation) and the About page (About) are always available.

Example topbar

Figure 6.2. Example topbar

Using the example shown in Figure 6.2, clicking on Home will bring you to the GridMonitor home page, Overview will bring you to the overview page of all known clusters, whereas JULI will bring you to the overview page of cluster JULI.


The online documentation is only available, if the GridMonitor documentation packages is installed. See the section called “Installing the documentation” for details.