Each diagram within the GridMonitor GUI can be clicked on to bring up a detailed diagram page. Within the left hand navigation area of this diagram page, the size of the chart can be selected (small, medium, large). The default diagram size within this page is configurable, see the section called “Configuring GridMonitor GUI default values” for details.

Example diagram

Figure 6.5. Example diagram

For history charts, the displayed time frame can be redefined, by selecting the appropriate entry from the Time range pull-down menu. Alternatively, a dedicated time frame can be selected using the left hand navigation area entries [from:] and [to:]. Time entries are in the format dd.mm.yyyy hh:mm:ss. In addition, the current time frame can be moved back and forth, if already in the past, on the time axis using the -1, -1/2, +1/2 and +1 buttons within the 'Select time range' area of the left hand navigation area.