Chapter 3. Installation

Table of Contents

Installation prerequisites
Installing the collector
Installing the GridMonitor GUI
Installing the documentation
Uninstalling the GridMonitor

The installation of the GridMonitor is divided into two parts: installing the collector and installing the GridMonitor GUI. In addition, the available documentation could be installed to provide online manuals and this document. This chapter explains how to install everything within a cluster environment.

Installation prerequisites

The GridMonitor is available as a set of RPM packages for Linux only. The pscollect package is available for i586 and x86_64 architecutures, whereas the psgridmon and psgridmon-doc packages are architecture-independent and therefore suitable for all Linux architectures.

In addition, a valid license for the collector is required.


Superuser privileges are required to install all components of the ParaStation GridMonitor.

Please contact for information on how to obtain the latest version of the ParaStation GridMonitor software.

The collector relies on additional tools to collect information. ParaStation management, version 4.3.4, is required to provide a list of currently active jobs on a cluster. If not installed or not configured, no information about active jobs will be displayed. Refer to the section called “Configuring the collector – step 4” for details.

The GridMonitor uses the netsnmp libraries to collect information from SNMP devices. These libraries are required even if no SNMP devices are configured. For information on how to configure SNMP devices, refer to the section called “Configuring the collector – step 7”.

In addition, the GridMonitor is able to provide information collected from a batch queuing system. Currently, only Torque is supported. To actually read the data, the command qstat provided by Torque must be installed on the configured node. For configuration details, refer to the section called “Configuring the collector – step 5”.

If data from BMCs should be read using the IPMI protocol, the command ipmitool from the package ipmitool is required.

The ParaStation GridMonitor GUI requires an installed apache webserver providing support for PHP. Especially, the following PHP modules must be installed: apache2-mod_php, php5, php5-gd, php5-iconv, php5-tokenizer and php5-ctype. Supported are PHP version 4.2 up to version 5.2.