Installing the GridMonitor GUI

The GridMonitor uses the Apache webserver including the PHP extension mod_php to generate and deliver the HTML pages. Version 1.3 and 2.0 of Apache and version 4 and 5 of mod_php are supported. Currently, only Linux istallations of Apache are supported. Installing the GridMonitor GUI package requires about 10MB of disk space located in /opt.

To install the graphical user interface for the GridMonitor, the RPM package psgridmon-<version>-noarch.rpm must be installed using the command

    rpm -Uv psgridmon-5.0.7-1.noarch.rpm

After configuring the GridMonitor GUI (see the section called “Configuring the graphical user interface (GridMonitor GUI)”) and reloading the webserver by running the command

    /etc/init.d/apache reload

the GridMonitor may be accessed using the link http://localhost/gridmon, whereas localhost must be replaced by the actual hostname, if accessed from different nodes.


Currently, all users are allowed to view the information provided by the GridMonitor. No restrictions are applied.


To get the full navigation capabilities, JavaScript must be enabled within the web browser.