mpirun_elan — run a QsNet MPI program on a ParaStation MPI cluster.


mpirun_elan -np num [[--nodes=nodelist] | [--hosts=hostlist] | [--hostfile=hostfile]] [-sort={ proc | load | proc+load | none } ] [-inputdest=dest] [-sourceprintf] [-rusage] [[-e] | [--exports=envlist]] [[-k] | [--keep]] [-show] [ -v | --verbose ] [ -V | --version ] [ -? | --help ] [--usage] command [ args ]


mpirun_elan is a tool that enables programs linked with the Quadrics QsNet MPI library to run on a ParaStation MPI cluster under control of the ParaStation MPI process management facility. Within ParaStation MPI the startup of parallel jobs is handled as described within the process_placement(7) manual page. The spawning mechanism is steered by environment variables, which are described in detail within ps_environment(7).

mpirun_elan typically works like this:

  mpirun_elan -np num prog [args]

This will startup the program prog num times in parallel forming a parallel job. Args are optional argument which will be passed to each instance of prog.


-np num

Number of processes to create.

-n, --nodes=nodeslist

List of node numbers to use.

-h, --hosts=hosts

List of hosts to use.


Hostfile to use.


Sorting criteria to use: proc, load, proc+load or none.


Print output-source info.


Print resource usage when finished.

-e, -exports=envlist

Environment to export to foreign nodes.

-k, --keep

don't remove mpihosts file upon exit.

-v, --verbose

Print diagnostic messages.

-V, --version

Output version information and exit.

-?, --help

Show this help messages.


Display brief usage message.

See also

psmstart(1), ps_environment(7), process_placement(7)