psmstart — start a program on a remote node


psmstart program [arg]...


Start program on a remote node using the ParaStation MPI daemon psid(8). All arguments given at the command line will be passed to the remotely started program.

All output produced by program will be forwarded to the local terminal. All input program is expecting will be read from the local terminal. If the remote program catches a signal, a message will be printed.

The node, where the command is run on, will be automatically selected by ParaStation MPI, see process_placement(7) for details.


If psmstart is called, program is started remotely using the ParaStation MPI daemon psid(8). Within the startup process the local process will become a I/O handling process - marked as a logger process within psiadmin(8) - forwarding all the input needed and output produced by the remote process, respectively.

See also

psid(8), psiadmin(8), pssh(8), ps_environment(7), process_placement(7)