Chapter 1. Preface

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About this document
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ParaStation MPI overview
The history of ParaStation MPI

About this document

This book discusses the user interface and the related utilities of ParaStation MPI. This includes an adapted development framework for MPI applications based on MPIch. Furthermore ParaStation MPI's process spawning mechanism is described and the potential ways to steer it are presented.

For a detailed discussion of the installation and configuration of ParaStation MPI and the administrators utilities in the standard distribution take a look at the ParaStation MPI Administrator's Guide. The ParaStation MPI programming interfaces documentation can be found in the API reference.

This document describes version 5.0 of the ParaStation MPI software. Previous versions of ParaStation MPI are no longer covered by this document. Information about this outdated versions can be found in previous versions of this document.

The most up-to-date version of this document is available at