Chapter 5. Maintenance

Table of Contents

Parameter database
Event database


The GridMonitor is designed as a tool to monitor many nodes for a long period of time. Therefore, special care has been taken to ensure the long term stability of the components.

In spite of this design principle, a few issues must be observed while running the GridMonitor for a long period of time.

Parameter database

By nature, the GridMonitor is constantly inserting new parameter (+ timestamp) data into the parameter database. Using a special round-robin database, the new data overwrites the oldest ones recorded in the database. For each particular parameter, multiple stages of historical data may be and by default will be configured. Moving data from one stage to another will take place automatically and will compress a set of historical data within the current stage to provide a new single date within the next stage. The GridMonitor will handle this compressed data transparently.

Due to the design of the round-robin database, no special care must be taken of this database. The space required to store all data will be allocated on the file system during startup of the collector.

More information how to configure the compression of parameter data may be found in the section called “Configuring the collector – step 9”.