Starting up serial tasks

ParaStation MPI is capable of starting serial tasks, therefore tasks not parallelized with MPI, within the cluster. All actions described in section the section called “Placing processes onto nodes”, the section called “Redirecting standard input and output” and the section called “Spawning the environment” are also considered for this type of tasks.

In order to start the serial program program somewhere within the cluster, simply execute

  $ mpiexec -np 1 program [args]

where args are the arguments that shall be passed to program.

Depending on the settings of the environment variables as discussed in the previous sections, program will be started on a distinct node of the cluster. Parts of the current environment will eventually be passed to this node, too. Also the input and output is forwarded correctly to and from the remotely started process.

Starting serial processes using the ParaStation MPI management facilities offers a couple of advantages: