Installing the documentation

The ParaStation MPI documentation is delivered in three formats: As PDF files, a browseable HTML documentation and manual pages for all ParaStation MPI commands and configuration files.

In order to install the documentation files, an up to date version of the documentation package psmpi-doc has to be retrieved. It can be found in the download section of the ParaStation MPI homepage. The package is called psmpi-doc and the architecture is noarch, since this part is platform independent. The name of this package follows the conventions of all other packages building the ParaStation MPI distribution.

To install the package, simply execute

  # rpm -Uv psmpi-doc-5.0.0-1.noarch.rpm

All the PDF and HTML files will be installed within the directory /opt/parastation/doc, the manual pages will reside in /opt/parastation/man.

The intended starting point to browse the HTML version of the documentation is file:///opt/parastation/doc/html/index.html.

The documentation is available in two PDF files called adminguide.pdf for the ParaStation MPI Administrator's Guide and userguide.pdf for the ParaStation MPI User's Guide. Both can be found in the directory /opt/parastation/doc/pdf.

In order to enable the manual pages to the users please consult the documentation of the man(1) command and the remark in the section called “Directory structure”, on how to do this.