Kernel modules

Beside libraries enabling efficient communication and task management, ParaStation MPI also provides a set of kernel modules:

To enable the maximum performance on Gigabit Ethernet, ParaStation MPI comes with its own set of network drivers. These drivers are based on standard device drivers for the corresponding NICs and especially tuned for best performance within a cluster environment. They will also support all standard communication and protocols. To enable best performance within an Ethernet-based cluster, these drivers should replace their counterparts currently configured within the kernel.

ParaStation MPI currently comes with drivers for Intel (e1000) and Broadcom (bcm5700) network interface controllers. Dedicated helper modules (glue modules) for these drivers decrease the latency even more.

ParaStation MPI is also able to use all standard Ethernet network drivers configured into the Linux kernel. However, to get the best performance, the use of the provided drivers is recommended, if applicable.