Changes to the runtime environment

When running applications with ParaStation MPI, some differences to ParaStation4 must be observed.

First of all, jobs must be started using the new mpiexec command. Refer to mpiexec(8) for options and details.

The former mpirun command is no longer supported! If it is still available, due to an ParaStation4 mpich-ps4 package still installed, this command will not run executables compiled and linked with ParaStation MPI!

In addition, jobs may no longer be started by running the executable, like

  $ ./myprog …

Use the mpiexec command instead!

Executables linked with ParaStation4 can be run using the new mpiexec command. In this case, the option -b or --bnr is required.

The environment variable PSP_P4SOCK was renamed to PSP_P4S, but still recognized. Within this version of ParaStation MPI, both names may be used. Likewise, The environment variable PSP_SHAREDMEM was renamed to PSP_SHM, but also still recognized.