pscollect — the ParaStation GridMonitor data collecting process.


pscollect [-vlevel] [-d] [-l] [-f filename] [-c command] [-p portno] [-h hostname] [-t sec] [-?]


After reading the configuration file, pscollect starts an agent on every configured node. Upon request of a client, pscollect retrieves data from one or more agent(s) or the database and returns it to the client. Data may also be read periodically by the pscollect.

Any data read from an agent may also be stored in the database, depending on the configuration, by adding time stamps. It will be cached within pscollect, too, depending on the parameter. In addition, parameters may be monitored against minimum or maximum limits.

New values may be calculated, based on values of parameters read from agents.


-c, --command=command

Run initial command at startup.

-v, --verbose

Be more verbose.

-f configfile, --conf=configfile

Use configuration file configfile.

-p portumber/name, --port=portnumber/name

Listen on TCP port specified by its portumber or service name

-h hostname, --host=hostname

Accept connections from host hostname only (default: accept from any host).

-t sec, --timeout=sec

Timeout for blocked TCP connections (default: 60 sec).

-?, --help

Show a help message.


Show a usage message.



Global configuration file for the collector process.

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