Problem: no ParaStation job list shown

Description: within the Overview page of the cluster area, no ParaStation job list is shown at the bottom of the page, although jobs are running.

Solution: first of all, check if the ps4_host entry in the configuration file pscollect.conf is correct. It could point to any node in the cluster running a ParaStation daemon.


If ParaStation isn't used for job management, no information about currently active jobs is available on the cluster Overview page. However, information about queues and jobs is always available using the Batch Queue pages.

Next, on 64bit architetures, check if /opt/parastation/bin/pscollect_psi will resolve all required libraries:

    $ ldd /opt/parastation/bin/pscollect_psi => /opt/parastation/lib/ … => /opt/parastation/lib/ … => /lib64/ … => /usr/lib64/ … => /lib64/ …
    /lib64/ …

If either or could not be resolved, add a symbolic link from the directory /opt/parastation/lib64 to /opt/parastation/lib:

    # cd /opt/parastation
    # ln -s lib64 lib

On 64bit environments, recent versions of ParaStation will store libraries in the directory /opt/parastation/lib64.